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eALI Chairperson Addresses Regional STEM Event

eALI Board Chair Valdo Freeman-Karmo spoke to area high school students on fuel cell and advanced energy storage. The event, held at University of Cincinnati, was organized by Believe in Ohio with support from the Ohio Board of Regents. She also shared her entrepreneurial experience as a business owner working with a small environmental start-up […]

ALI Leaders & Partner Present to City Council & School Board

Mike Burson, ALI Boardmember, Chris Baker, a partner from Kenton County Schools, and Green STEM Officer Steve Schumacher presented energy management and efficiency best practices to the combined Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools ACES task force on Nov 18th. The presentation demonstrated how energy management of high performance buildings provides a Green STEM laboratory for […]

Advisory Board Leaders Meet

Leaders from science, engineering, architecture, education, arts and business came together on October 21st for the inaugural meeting of the ALI Advisory Board held at the office of SHP Design. These leaders provided vital recommendations concerning long term sustainability strategies to be implemented by ALI and its work with K-12 education. “These initiatives are really […]