Spring eALI Advisory Committee

ALI Advisory 4 2015 007

eALI Advisory Committee met in April (Left to Right, eALI Executive Director Ginny Frazier, Adv. Advisory members Katherine Prince, Kathy Vaske, and Bob Knight)

The Advisory Committee held a lively discussion on strategic marketing. This included discussion of STEM programs bridging school operations and student STEM teams with school facilities serving as real world energy laboratories.

Also attending this session were eALI Board Chair Valda Karmo-Freeman, and Board members Mike Burson, John Kachuba, and Mary Newman, Staff Calvin Williams and Steve Schumacher. Advisory Committee members Erika Cooksey, Dr Marilyn Crumpton, Dr Jasleen Goel, Mac Johnson, Bob Kobet, Terry Liette, Maryanne McGowan, and Kelly Obarski.

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