Oyler Green STEM Fair Features 2 Water Learning Stations

IMG_1138 IMG_1115

Students from Oyler School worked with architectural professionals on water quality and stormwater management at their Summer of STEM Green STEM Fair. The Fair provided 6 learning stations including renewable energy and energy efficiency. Oyler students will be participating in follow up Eco-mentoring workshops over the coming weeks. One student remarked, ‘Can I take that (fuel cell) car home with me?!’ The students eagerly gathered round to get involved in the hands-on learning.


Joi Sears conducted the Energy Efficiency electric generator

Joi Sears conducted the Energy Efficiency electric generator

Thanks so much to our supporters, including, Duke Energy Foundation, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative, PNC Charitable Trusts, and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA). OEPA also supplied green STEM career bingo cards. The Ohio State University Environmental Professionals Network provided green STEM career brochures.

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