How we work

Through hands-on activities and projects, ALI engages students and their school communities to foster and build on their present knowledge and problem solving skills. Unique solutions to real world problems can be found by relying on the creativity and brilliance of engaged student leaders and parents, guardians, staff and others. Our programs provide opportunities for students and their wider school communities to contribute to building initiative, inspiration, and  leadership. We believe that as this process unfolds students gain confidence in their thinking and greater hope and vision for a better future.

Summary of Methodologies:

  • Hands-on activities and projects,
  • Building participation and communication,
  • Boosting problem-solving skills,
  • Working on real-world solutions,
  • Enhancing teamwork and leadership,
  • Fostering a culture of stewardship with people and resources.


Our Approach to Green STEM

Part of building excitement for Green STEM with students and their parents is their learning about and participating in career pathways to local green economy jobs and enterprises. We match green economy technicians, engineers, educators and others doing local green jobs at our Green STEM Fairs, Eco-Mentoring, and through the Sustainable Schools Task Force.  Such green workers engage students, share their work experiences, and have students participate in hands-on activities leading to Green STEM careers.

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