Our children are our future may be an old cliché but at ALI (Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection) we take that saying seriously, especially when it comes to the environment. Our role is to inspire and engage K-12 students to become the environmental stewards of our future. We do this through hands-on STEM programs and activities in renewable energies and green technologies. We challenge students and schools to create real-world sustainability solutions that interconnect with their larger communities.

Our scope of work includes:

• Environmental education programming, notably ALI’s Eco-Mentoring Program
• Advocacy of green initiatives
• Consulting

Vision and Mission

The mission of ALI is to establish harmony among the built, human and natural environments. We work toward our vision of creating healthier, sustainable environments by building people’s capacities. ALI builds people’s capacities through advocacy, demonstration projects like our Eco-Mentoring program, consulting, training, workshops and product development.

ALI Chairs Green Umbrella’s Sustainable Schools Task Force. 

ALI works with students and their larger school communities to establish long term programs for clean and green technologies. Our current project, the Sustainable Schools Task Force, in cooperation with the Green Umbrella assists schools and districts in building a culture of stewardship for resources, energy, building systems, and grounds. Such stewardship builds the values and practices to wisely use resources, increase efficiency, provide healthy environments for learning, and connect students with green jobs and their developing local green economy.

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