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Eco-Mentoring - planting, nurturing and sowing a vegetable garden on school grounds

Eco-Mentoring – planting, nurturing and sowing a vegetable garden on school grounds

K-12 Eco-Mentoring Programs: Eco-Mentor-Sponsors

Elementary and Middle School Turnkey Programs: Our Eco-Mentoring programs are essentially environmental education programming that we’ve aligned to the common core for improving academic performance, cultivation of environmental stewardship and introduction to “green” technologies and careers. School buildings and grounds are used as teaching tools, providing students with hands-on learning experiences. Adult mentors educate students on the “green” features and train them to become ambassadors, culminating with public presentations to the school and local community.

Green STEM Fairs:

Green STEM Fair Elementary

Elementary students meet solar engineers

  • Students  experience hands-on activities using solar, fuel cell, and other green STEM technologies.
  • Students discover new occupations and careers in the emerging green STEM fields.
  • Staff receive curricular materials to extend this event into the classroom.
  • Aligned with Common Core standards.
  • Students move in small groups to 4-6 learning stations engaging up to 300 pupils a day.
  • Each learning component covers basic science, mechanics, applications and career discovery for that green technology.
  • Customized to your school as a field trip or 1 day event in your gym or cafetorium.

Cost: $6.50 per student. Groups under 200 are $7.50 per  student. The Green STEM Fair can introduce ALI’s 10-20 week STEM Eco-Mentoring Program.

Contact an ALI representative at 513-541-4607 to schedule a Green STEM Fair today.

 Email ALI at

Green Umbrella’s Sustainable Schools Task Force:

ALI is leading the Sustainable Schools Task Force Initiative with Green Umbrella to help school districts reduce their carbon footprint and to create healthier environments. Green Umbrella is a non-profit organization with a membership of 160+ organizations working to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the region around Cincinnati by maximizing the collective impact of individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability.

The purpose of Green Umbrella’s Sustainable Schools Task Force is to facilitate behavioral shifts that result in measurable results for sustainability management efforts in schools. The methods for accomplishing this vision involve engaging school building occupants to collaborate in designing, implementing and maintaining environmental sustainability processes for their school and home environments.

Improving Air Quality at Schools:

ALI works with multiple partners to recruit collaborators, including, school communities, academic experts and community partners for the purpose of building a community of interest for anti-idling within Greater Cincinnati Area schools. The long term goal of the network and community of interest is to build a sustainable infrastructure for anti-idling, and improvement of health for children with asthma.

As part of our Eco-Mentoring Program, we train students on how to operate air quality monitoring equipment that detects and measures particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. As students experience these technologies, they are also mentored on how these air containments are emitted, and in ways to reduce emissions through vehicle idling reduction.  In addition, students assemble and engineer toy cars that are powered by clean, renewable energy, such as solar and fuel cell technologies. Students also learn how to increase energy efficiency in their schools and communities, thus decreasing the amount of emissions from utilities that use fossils fuels. Students will translate their learning on how vehicle idling reduction, cars fueled by renewable energy and decreasing energy consumption will improve air quality and people’s health.

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  1. Mike Fackler

    To whom it concerns,
    My name is Mike Fackler, I am the leader of the Loveland high school zero waste program. As you might already know loveland is a leader in this area so I believe I can be a big help to your mission of sustainable schools. I would love to talk to someone about potentially joining the team which will add a level of waste management expertise in schools to the program. I hope I hear back from you soon, this project seems to good to be true for someone like me!


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