Environmental ALI Staff Begins Environmental Health Project

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Steve Schumacher, Green STEM officer for Environmental ALI took part in a 6 week training program for community leaders presented by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training. This was in preparation for beginning an environmental health emphasis within the programs of Environmental ALI. “Tremendous advances in health knowledge are being made due to extensive health information available to community organizations and citizens,” stated Schumacher. “Vulnerable populations and their advocates can work to change adverse health effects based upon this emerging knowledge.”
More details will be posted as program plans are completed.

Plumbing Engineer at Parker Woods Montessori

Andrew Hemmelgarn, a plumbing engineer for SHP Leading Design, spoke with the Parker Woods Montessori Green Club. The Green Club is coordinated and sponsored by Environmental ALI and Andrew visited the Club as an eco-mentor discussing the vital nature of clean water and water planning. Students asked great questions about water systems and keeping water safe and healthy. Andrew spoke as part of the World Plumbing Day for the local chapter of American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Many thanks to Andrew and SHP Leading Design for being part of the Eco-Mentoring program.

Green Club students will be demonstrating renewable energy equipment and other environmental science topics at the Parker Woods Montessori’s Science Night on Thursday, April 7th.

Students had heard of the Flint, Mi water crisis and wanted to know what could be done about it.

Students had heard of the Flint, Mi water crisis and wanted to know what could be done about it.

Paris Climate Talks – Time for Policy Change

One consequence of the Paris climate agreement is the international and overwhelming consensus to save energy, convert to renewable sources, install energy storage as policies are put in place to build the systems and infrastructure for this new energy regime. In the US, states and cities are taking the lead in establishing programs for distributed energy generation, community solar, and energy benchmarking. It is important to take into account this new era in energy and resource system development.

The chart below shows in billions of dollars renewable energy investment worldwide.