Spring eALI Advisory Committee

ALI Advisory 4 2015 007

eALI Advisory Committee met in April (Left to Right, eALI Executive Director Ginny Frazier, Adv. Advisory members Katherine Prince, Kathy Vaske, and Bob Knight)

The Advisory Committee held a lively discussion on strategic marketing. This included discussion of STEM programs bridging school operations and student STEM teams with school facilities serving as real world energy laboratories.

Also attending this session were eALI Board Chair Valda Karmo-Freeman, and Board members Mike Burson, John Kachuba, and Mary Newman, Staff Calvin Williams and Steve Schumacher. Advisory Committee members Erika Cooksey, Dr Marilyn Crumpton, Dr Jasleen Goel, Mac Johnson, Bob Kobet, Terry Liette, Maryanne McGowan, and Kelly Obarski.

eALI Welcomes Program Coordinator Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams has 20 years’ experience in nonprofit leadership. As a Program Director in the fatherhood and workforce development fields, he’s managed budgets of several hundred thousand dollars, and developed funds to sustain programs beyond the initial investment. Calvin managed an Annual Campaign Division at the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, generating 3% increases year-over-year for a group comprised of over 300 companies. He understands how developing and sustaining relationships with potential donors combine with sound strategy to produce desired results. Thanks to Greater Cincinnati Foundation for supporting eALI’s Program Coordinator position.

STEM Energy Opportunities

The Department of Labor forecasts the energy efficiency and management sector will double in size over the next several years. Ohio taxpayers, businesses, and institutions have saved over $2 for every dollar invested in energy efficiency programs for a total of $1.8 billion in savings. Through its high performance LEED building program, Cincinnati Public Schools saves $3 million in annual energy costs. Energy that is not used is the most cost effective source compared to any other installed energy generation. Emerging opportunities in the related energy fields will save dollars and provide employment opportunities in Cincinnati and across our region.

To make the best use of LEED high performance schools facilities, a comprehensive verifiable energy savings program that uses real facilities data to educate our students in the STEM energy fields will save resources and help prepare the energy auditors, technicians and managers of the future. Using national standards for energy efficiency, all school facilities can be benchmarked providing students with real world challenges to save resources, improve air quality and develop skills in building science and systems.

ALI Seeks Program Coordinator

Position Announcement

Program Coordinator primary job duties and responsibilities:
· Identify prospective customers
· Obtain commitments to purchase programs
· Organize Green STEM Fairs and Eco-Mentoring Programs with the assistance of school and ALI personnel.
· Connect schools to program implementers


· Experience gaining business and organizational sponsorships, grant writing, for funding events and programs.
· Experience preparing brief requests for support, grant requests or other appeals for funding from private nonprofit foundations, corporate funders, and individuals.
· Experience organizing events
· Ability to work as a team member, as well as, independently, setting short term objectives and meeting deadlines.
· Excellent written and verbal skills.
· Ability to develop and maintain great customer relationships and ensure customer loyalty through excellent customer service, as well as, meeting client needs appropriate to this project.
· Support of ALI’s mission and goals

Requirements: Reliable transportation

Accountability: The Program Coordinator Consultant is supervised by the Executive Director, Ginny Frazier.

Other: Experience with K-12 education, STEM education, and environmental education helpful but not required.

Compensation based upon experience.

Resumes with a cover letter may be sent to info@aliohio.org or Alliance for Leadership & Interconnection, P.O. Box 23272, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 by 5:00 PM, Friday, February 6th.