ALI Hosted Opening Reception for 2014 Community Schools National Forum!

ALI Hosted the Opening Reception to the 2014 Community Schools National Forum being held at the Duke Energy Convention Center!

LEEDING the Nation: Urban Green and Community Schools

As part of the 2014 Coalition for Community Schools National Forum, this reception brought together national school and education leaders, international guests, and invited leaders from Tri-State businesses and school districts.

Guests enjoyed appetizers, networking and heard the story of how Cincinnati is at the forefront of the nation as a national model for providing the most LEED school bSponsorsuildings of any urban district in the US – with the innovation of community learning centers. Musical entertainment as provided by Dave Hawkins and Tracy Walker.


Collaborative Nature. Cincinnati Public Schools’ community learning centers turn schools into neighborhood resource hubs

Source: City Beat:

news_schools.wideaWhen Cincinnati officials and Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) leaders on Feb. 6 announced plans to work closer together and align policy goals, it was under a notably positive environment that might not have been possible just 10 years ago. And many local officials say the school system’s innovation with community learning centers is largely to thank.

It’s not just local leaders crediting the model, either. Education experts now tout Cincinnati as a workable example of educating low-income populations. A few hundred miles away, newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking to Cincinnati as a model to build up community learning centers in the biggest city in the country.

The model effectively transforms schools into hubs of services that neighborhoods can rely on for the basic needs of modern life — not just education, but also food, health care and college and job preparation. Continue reading

ALI hosts “LEEDing the Nation: Urban Green & Community Schools” Opening Reception on April 8th for the Coalition for Community Schools National Forum.

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Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection (ALI) hosts “LEEDing the Nation: Urban Green & Community Schools” Opening Reception on April 8th Community Schools National Forum.

 [February 19, 2014, Cincinnati, Ohio] The story of rebuilding Cincinnati schools is the focus of the 2014 Coalition for Community Schools National Forum. The forum will host national school and education leaders, special guests, and leaders from tri-state school districts, community organizations, and businesses at Duke Energy Convention Center.
ALI’s “LEEDing the Nation: Urban Green & Community Schools” opening reception for theforum will be held on April 8th telling the story of how Cincinnati is at the forefront of the nation as a national model for providing the most LEED school buildings of any urban district in the US – with the innovation of community learning centers. (LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a building certification process developed by the U.S. Green Building Council)


Opening reception speakers include Mike Burson, who served as the Facilities Master Plan Director for CPS throughout its billion dollar building program, Lisa Laney, Sustainability Coordinator at Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, Eve Bolton, President at Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education and Ginny Frazier, Executive Director, who leads the citizen catalyst organization ALI which built the community momentum for the LEED building program. Continue reading

Fuel Cell & Solar Eco-Mentoring at Hughes High School

In just three minutes you will learn how ALI engages high school and junior high students with Fuel Cell and Solar Technology in our Eco Mentoring Program. Why wait? Watch now!

“What you see with the experiences here at Hughes High School and with what ALI is providing is a chance for these young people to begin to understand the incredible complexities of the world that they are going to be entering.”     –   Dr. Thomas J. Lasley, Education Consultant, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Dean, School of Education and Allied Professions, University of Dayton, and Executive Director of both Learn to Earn Dayton and Edvention.